The technological platforms available to Kos Genetic allow genotyping, sequencing, expression and epigenetic analysis on the entire genome or targeted genes, according to customers needs.

Data analysis services (statistical power, replication, stratification, gene-annotation and in-silico molecular pathways reconstruction, up to the disease-model definition) are provided as well.

According to customer’s specific need, KOS is available for services including logging in and maintenance of sample information in our database, extraction, quantitation, and storage of extracted DNA/RNA (the latter only for the time required to conclude the task requested).  No backup of samples or extracted genetic material will be provided.

DNA Extraction

from Whole Blood, Saliva or Buccal Cells.

KOS provides extraction, quantitation, and storage of extracted genetic material.

For extraction from other sources (e.g paraffinized material), please ask.


Quality Testing and Quantification

Prior to starting any genomics experiment sample integrity verification is mandatory. We check DNA & RNA integrity and the concentration for all samples using different platforms where needed (NanoDrop, Bioanalyzer, Qubit).

Gene Expression

KOS provides a full range of gene expression analysis options (based on Agilent and Illumina microarrays):

  1. Whole genome RNA expression profiling
  2. Global RNA expression profiling on FFPE or partially degraded samples (DASL Assay)
  3. microRNA Profiling

DNA methylation

Methylation assays provide quantitative methylation measurement at the single-CpG-site level, offering the highest resolution for understanding epigenetic changes:

  1. Illumina Infinium MethylationEPIC BeadChip (IScan)


KOS provides a full range of genotyping options, according to the throughput needed, in order to be cost-effective according to costumer needs:

  1. Illumina Infinium Genotyping Assay Assay (IScan)
  2. Illumina BeadXpress with GoldenGate Custom Genotyping on VeraCode
  3. Illumina BeadXpress ADME (covers 180 ADME variants for the PharmaADME Core list using VeraCode Technology on the BeadXpress Platform)

Real-Time PCR

Generally genetics findings of a high throughput experiment need to be validated by alternative, “gold-standard” techniques. A straightforward option is direct validation Real-Time PCR.

Next-Generation Sequencing

High throughput sequencing is now a standard technique in modern biology. KOS offers several flavors of DNA sequencing services mostly based on Illumina or (Ion Torrent) Life Technologies.

Key applications include:

Transcriptome Analysis
  1. RNA-Seq
  2. Small-RNA-Seq
DNA sequencing
  1. Whole-genome sequencing
  2. Targeted re-sequencing
  3. De novo sequencing
  4. Metagenomics
Gene Regulation Analysis
  1. Chip-seq
  2. DNA methylation