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>> Nutrigenetic Observational Study Published on Journal of Translational Medicine – Oct, 17th 2016

Anthocyanin and cardiovascular risk: a nutrigenomic study about the interaction between polyphenols intake and PON1 gene variants on markers of cardiovascular disease.

More about the article

>> Open Day Sanipedia – May, 7th 2015

Presentation of Sanipedia and its Network of Companies – “Open Day Sanipedia“.

>> Milano EXPO 2015


Presentation of Kos Genetic’s ongoing projects in the field of Nutrigenomics:

>> Kos Genetic’s New Location

From 2015, Kos Genetic has a new operative genomics laboratory at PTP – Parco Tecnologico Padano (Lodi).

>> Kos Genetic in Bari

From Summer 2012, Kos Genetic has a new operative branch office in Bari, Italy.

>> Kos Genetic’s innovative solutions rewarded!


Kos Genetic’s innovative solutions in genomic research have been selected by “Italia degli Innovatori” (the agency for the diffusion of innovation technologies of the Italian Government – Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri) for 2011/2012.

>> Kos Genetic contributed to a pharmacogenomic study published on Science

scienceScience – Translational Medicine recently published an article on a pharmacogenomic study developed by the San Raffaele Institute of Milan in cooperation with Kos Genetic (download the abstract).