Not only wet-lab and data analysis

We can provide different approaches in the collaboration with our customers, both for wet lab and for the depth of data analyses. This largely depends from the degree of integration the customer is requesting from us.

As we are a vertically organized company, we generally start from project design, ending to final report production. We prefer to discuss with our customers what is the nature of the experiment and the kind of the results is being expected. Although it is not our exclusive approach, we may provide useful suggestion on how to set-up the experiment and how to run the following analyses (and eventually to write part of the final reports and/or scientific papers).

Please contact us directly and we will provide you the necessary information.

Previous Experience

In its already relatively long history, KOS has been performing genomic analyses both in the animal and vegetal domain, collaborating with research and corporate institutions located internationally.

KOS has also been partner in several EU funded research projects.