What is Kos Genetic?

Since 2008, KOS Genetic has provided quality genomic services to research, biotech/pharma facilities.

Kos Genetic is an independent contract research organization fully dedicated to Genomic Research. Our team of highly skilled molecular biologists and bioinformatics have extensive research experience and are expert in the role of genetics and genomics in a vast array of clinical conditions and/or complex diseases, including aging, diabetes, insulin resistance, obesity, neurological disorders.

Kos Genetic provides a wide range of solutions, from basic research to high throughput genomic analyses of predictive and causative variants in complex diseases, and prototypal diagnostic tools for clinical practice.

Originally founded by senior researchers of the University of Milano and by a SME leader in consulting in innovative health domains, KOS develops and delivers actionable genomic solutions to researchers in the private and academic sectors.

Kos Genetic original goal was to enhance the application of genomic technologies bringing together scientific and organizational know-hows. The result being the link of several related fields into one integrated system, adding substantial value to the research being conducted.

The working team is a group of expert researchers in biotechnologies, genetic epidemiology and animal genetics that cooperate with already established international networks in order to exploit the scientific contents of topics under investigation and reach significant results in genetic research.

Our Business Model